Payment options

Cash on delivery: When you ordering, check cash on delivery, fill in the necessary data, confirm the order and pay the cash directly to the courier when the goods are delivered. Cash on delivery is charged in the amount of 1, - €. Avaiable only in Slovakia.
Payment by card: The easiest way to pay. When you ordering, start payment by card, fill in the necessary data, pay with a card and then the courier will deliver the ordered goods.
Bank pay
Bank transfer: When checking this field, after ordering the goods, we will send you the INVOICE to the e-mail specified in the order after payment and crediting our account, we will send the goods to the address specified in the order. It takes a maximum of 24 hours to credit the account.
PayPal: Another simple and secure method of payment. We are sorry, but we charge a 4% fee when paying through a PayPal account because PayPal charges 6.9% of the received payment for their service.